Capital Chaos, Madison, WI - Deployed from February 15 – 28, 2011 and March 10, 2011 -
WI-TERT provided 4 Regional Coordinators, 14 Team Members and 4 COML's from
11 different member agencies to provide support for interior and exterior communications at the Wisconsin State Capital. WI-TERT Team Members faced many challenges during this deployment, including lack of knowledge as to what WI-TERT is and our mission, communication barriers, and unfamiliar CAD systems. Logistics for accommodations for lodging the
WI-TERT members was non-existent, and members traveled back and forth from their residences to the State Capital on a daily basis. Communication break-downs resulted in members not knowing their daily assignments or where to locate the mobile command post of when it was moved. The lessons learned and after action review stressed the importance inter-agency communication; develop templates for passing information from shift-to-shift; access to common resources i.e. eTIME, Twitter, E-sponder, etc. for all
WI-TERT members; following proper deployment call-out protocol; and keeping personal views/opinions to oneself especially on political deployments.