A WI-TERT Team Member is a trained telecommunicator who could be deployed to assist a dispatch center or support a command post in the event any state, county or local public safety communication center becomes compromised due to a man-made or natural disaster.


  • Possess positive interpersonal communication and leadership skills
  • Be an excellent multi-tasker and problem solver
  • Possess excellent people and teamwork skills inclusive of cultural diversity
  • No chronic work problems
  • Possess an ability to adapt and be flexible with different policies, procedures, equipment and geographic areas
  • Possess an ability to adapt to poor environmental conditions such as no beds, cold meals, no running water, etc.
  • Requirements

  • Minimum 2 years experience in communications (fire, EMS or law enforcement) and currently employed by a public safety communications center
  • Employing agency must support and authorize participation
  • Must maintain a membership from one of the following three organizations: NENA, APCO or SEWCRSG
  • Must have a valid WI driver's license
  • Must have Internet access and a personal e-mail account
  • Must provide a 24/7 phone contact number
  • Must participate in periodic training/education sessions provided/sponsored by WI-TERT
  • Must be NIMS/ICS certified in: IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700
  • Estimated Time Commitment

  • Complete WI-TERT Team Member Basic Training course
  • Participate in regional WI-TERT quarterly meetings/teleconferences
  • Participate in on-going statewide/regional trainings
  • Commitment to deploy when activated - time requirement will vary on a per incident basis, but plan on minimum deployment of 72 hours
  • All individuals must have agency approval to participate as a WI-TERT Team Member.